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What Retardipedia.com is NOT
NOT Associated with Wikipedia.org
Retardipedia.com is not associated in any way with the smart, popular and informative website www.Wikipedia.org, which we use regularly and believe to be the utmost authoritative website for information on most every useful topic. It is our hope that Retardipedia.com draws the jackass traffic away from Wikipedia. Thus leaving Wikipedia.org as the richly intelligent and reliable information source, and redirecting any stupidity onto our own asinine website.

NOT a Reference to Special Needs Individuals
Any reference to special needs, intellectually disabled or any other persons with chromosomal abnormalities will NOT be tolerated. These are genetic conditions that the individuals were born with. There are other appropriate clinical terms for these health conditions and any entry or post in Retardipedia that reflects poorly on these individuals will be deleted immediately and the associated user login will be forever deleted and banned. Additionally, Retardipedia.com has itself elected to designate and fund SpecialNeedsipedia.com to serve as a beneficial and helpful resource for this community of individuals and their families.

Congress Eliminates Misuse & Effectively Restores Original Historic Usage
Congress banned the use of the words "retard" and "retardation" in 2010 in federal health, education and labor laws in favor of using the words "intellectual disability." The American Psychiatric Association also replaced the term "mental retardation" with "intellectual development disorder" in the fifth version of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, published in 2013. Thus, the terms are now rightfully available for use consistent with historic semantics (see the below Congress non-disapproved definition).

What Retardipedia.com is
Historic Pop-culture Term favored by Linguistic Enthusiasts
Retardipedia is based on the root-word “retard”, which means to regress or slow the progress of. The word has long existed in traditional dictionaries and was used well-before it was inappropriately misattributed to individuals with genetic and/or chromosomal conditions. Retardipedia endeavors to ‘take back’ the historic proper use of the word as well as extend reference exclusively to “Synthetic Retards” or “Artificially Retarded” people. The important distinction is choice – it is only funny if someone had a choice to make a wiser decision.

Retardipedia.com is Charitable!
In addition to our permanent stream of charitable donations to the esteemed Wikipedia.org and our support of SpecialNeedsipedia.com, we are desperately trying to locate a stripper who is genuinely “working her way through Med School”. We have faith that, like unicorns and Bigfoot, one must exist somewhere. Please help Retardipedia to find her and fund her tuition by donating a single, wrinkled dollar-bill to donations@Retardipedia.com via www.Paypal.com.

Retardipedia’s Authors & Contributors
Our authors and contributors are selected based on merit and are compensated accordingly. Most pissant contributors will be granted “Retardipedia Honor Student” bumper stickers and noteworthy authors will receive “Tardvard College Professor” t-shirts. Please submit your entries to submissions@Retardipedia.com in MS Word or text documents.