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Bellignorant (Bel.lig.nor.rant) adjective

Pronunciation: \bel-ig-n(ə-)rənt\

The word Bellignorant is a composite of root words Belligerent (meaning: inclined to or exhibiting assertiveness, hostility, or combativeness) and Ignorant (meaning: resulting from or showing lack of knowledge or intelligence).

Other forms:
bel•ig•no•rance noun
bel•lig•nor•ant•ly adverb

Example of usage:

The bellignorant grandma dared the cop to tase her. So the cop did, with a dose of bellignorance of his own, for good measure (see video example below).


Video Examples of the term Bellignorant

"Tase Me Grandma"

Unedited & Uncensored Dashcam Footage of Entire "Tase Me Grandma" Incident (complete w/ Grandma F-Bombs): 


Edited news report footage, plus bonus "post-game" commentary from the Sheriff & Tase Me Grandma:


"Shirtless Whiteboy" takes a recess from home schooling his offspring to provide uncensored, bellignorant commentary (on "Tase Me Grandma") while his student wanders about the room - Rated NC-17 (except for Whiteboy's kids):


Postnote: Somebody please take the webcam and temporary tattoos away from Malcom in the Middle.

Contextual Example:

How Not to Get Out of Jury Duty (see Retardipedia Topic):

Application for Contempt of Court Charges: